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     Shar's Enterprise Corporation Information technology team's goal is to turn complex technology implementations into manageable projects with strong user adoption. 
                      OUR GOAL
Our Information Technology team members provide hardware and software maintenance, training and consultation and recommendations about future planning and development of resources. We strive to provide these services in an effective and efficient manner and ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services and resources.

​Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software
Troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating system
Be familiar with all hardware and software
Be familiar with network operating system
Provide orientation to new users of existing technology
Train staff about potential uses of existing technology
Train staff about new and potential use
Provide individual training and support on request
Provide recommendations about accessing information and support
Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software                        
​      Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access
      Troubleshoot all technology issues
Maintain log and/or list of required repairs and maintenance
Make recommendations about purchase of technology resources
Research current and potential resources and services
Provide network access to all staff and students
Install work stations
Connect and set up hardware
Load all required software
      Web Designing​

Operating Systems:  Windows Server 2012/2008/2003, Red Hat Linux Centos, Ubuntu 

Languages:            Graphics                Software/Web Apps:           Platforms
 JavaScript                      Photoshop                       Wordpress                                   Active Directory
 JSP                                   Quark XPress                 Joomla                                          CP
 CSS                                   Image Ready                  Magento                                       TCP/ IP 
 XML                                  InDesign                          Microsoft Office Suite                Cloud
 HTML                                PageMaker                     Microsoft Word                            Data Center
 DHTML                             Illustrator                        PowerPoint                                   Open Stack
 ASP                                   HomeSite                        Outlook                                          DNS
 SQL                                   FrontPage                       Captivate                                      CyberSec
 PHP                                   Virtualization                  Articulate                                     Helpdesk
 XSLT                                 Dreamweaver                 Microsoft XP,7 8                                                      
 PHP                                   Flash                                BMC Software
 NT/2000                           Adobe Acrobat               Active Directory
​Lan/Networking                                                            Odyssey Management System
​Webmaster/Web Development                                     Manage Engine Service Desk Software

​Information Systems and Computer Skills 
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