P r  o  f  e  s  s i  o  n  a  l  i s m

    H  i  g  h  l  y   Q  u  a  l  i  f  i  e  d

        O  n  t  i  m  e

             T   e  n  a  c  i  o  u  s

                 O  p  t  i  m  i  s  t  i  c 

                      G r  e  a  t

                         R  e  a  d  y

                             A w  e  s  o m e

                                 P u  n  c  t  u  a  l

                                    H  i  g  h  T  e  c  h

                                        E x  c  e  l  l  e  n  t

                                         R  i  g  h  t  e  o  u  s

                                              S  i  n  c  e  r  e

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S.E. Corporation is An Economically Disadvantaged, Black American, Minority Women Owned & Operated Small Business.©2018. All Rights Reserved.
Our Mission: To provide video production and photography both commercial and non-
                       commercial services for news media both nationally and internationally.

Our professional visionary photographers and videographers goal is to capture special moments that will impact the minds of people throughout the world. Our visionary team service goal is to capture various events, documentaries, current events, world disasters, special engagements, sport events, stage plays, music videos, training conferences, commercials, television series and more…

Our Team
   A.M.P. Photos ©2015
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           WE SPECIALIZE IN....
Social Photography
Sports Entertainment Photography
Commercial Photography
Motion Picture & Video Production
Modeling/Fashion Photography
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